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please refer to the book COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS BY BLAIR & MARGARET WHITTON for a very complete listing. On pages 46-51 they discuss this series.
consists of three sets, Artistic series no. VIII, IX, and X
Published in Britain and America. The American sets are marked on the reverse U.S. PATENT FEBRUARY 20TH 1894 and the British as PATENT NO. 23003
comes in a folded white folder with a picture of Cinderella on the cover,
this is the British set with six costumes and hats.

Items in Set

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Card Comment
CINDERELLA AT THE BALL (title on reverse) (hat missing) Yes IX A full length white, green, yellow, and pink gown with green ribbon and bow at chest, she has long sleeve gloves, she wears white shoes and holds a decorative feather fan in her left hand tied with a flowing yellow ribbon, and the train of her gown with her right hand. there are three pearl necklaces at her neck. costume has attached neck to fit under head. hat is gold with round green stones and large white feather plumes. (hat missing) 2
THE FAIRY GODMOTHER (title on reverse) No IX B elaborate yellow, green and white full length gown, three yellow stars at her chest, large fairy wings above her shoulders, she wears yellow shoes and holds a staff and star in her left hand, her right hand holds some yellow ribbon from her dress. costume has attached neck to fit under head. the hat is a yellow band with three stars. 0
GOODY TWO SHOES (title on reverse) Yes IX C white dress with floral pattern, green band with red ribbon tie at waist, striped green undercoat slip, white stockings, black shoes with red bows, both arms have long sleeve gloves that hold her apron out. she wears a black necklace. costume has attached neck to fit under head. hat is green and yellow with a floral bouquet. 2
CINDERELLA AT HOME (title on reverse) (hat missing) Yes IX D red and white dress over a plain brown slip, blue stockings and brown shoes, she holds a broom in her left hand, hat is a white cap with a yellow ribbon. costume has attached neck to fit under head. 2
MORGIANA (title on reverse) (hat missing) Yes IX E elaborate multi-colored gypsy style robe, purple jacket over a yellow suit, white lacy ribbon from right shoulder to left hand, she holds a tambourine in her right hand. costume has attached neck to fit under head. hat is missing. 2
MOTHER HUBBARD (hat only) No IX F costume is missing, hat is black with a peaked top, yellow band on peak, white ruffles below rim 2
ARTISTIC SERIES IX. Cinderella. PATENT No. 23003 Yes IX doll, head separate but "attached at a proper angle, onto an elongated neck, space being left under the chin to slip on the separate costume which also came with a neck long enough to allow this manipulation" page 70 of PAPER DOLLS A GUIDE TO COSTUME BY CLARA HALLARD FAWCETT, 1951. , brown hair slightly curled and long, gold headband in her hair, facing forward, both arms hanging down, wearing a blue slip dress with white lace at the neck, sleeves and hemline, blue stockings and shoes, wears a gold necklace. costumes come with neck attached, comes in a folded white folder with a picture of Cinderella on the cover. n reverse Tuck artistic series easel and palette trademark with BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT. PUBLISHERS TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. followed by the Tuck publishing info RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS, LONDON, PARIS, NEW YORK. DESIGNED AT THE STUDIOS IN ENGLAND AND PRINTED AT THE FINE ART WORKS IN BAVARIA. COPYRIGHT. PATENT No. 23003. ARTISTIC SERIES IX this is the rare British set with six costumes and hats. 3