Set Information edit

Set Comment

not to be confused with FIRST LESSON SERIES-ie no S
12-20 pages
two series of different sized books with differing numbers of pages
glossy pictorial cardboard covers
easel artistic series trademark

Items in Set

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Card Comment
OUR FARM ABC Yes 7012 20 pages black and pink pig stands on grass 3
COUNTRY FRIENDS ABC Yes 7013 12 pages large carthorse 2
IN THE FIELDS ABC Yes 7014 12 pages brown and white cow on cover, covers in poor condition 2
IN THE FOREST ABC Yes 7015 12 pages lion with large mane looks back behind him 3
IN THE JUNGLE Yes 7016 12 pages, tiger 3
IN THE JUNGLE ABC Yes 7016 20 pages, tiger 3
WILD ANIMALS ABC Yes 7017 12 pages elephant 3