THE EXPRESS TRAIN, locomotive, bronze colored engine

THE EXPRESS TRAIN, locomotive, bronze colored engine

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A boxed set of three different board puzzles. Each has push fit style pieces that fit into a shaped backing board with firm edges. Descriptions of each puzzle are on the reverse of each backing board and each piece is titled to fit into the corresponding titled spot on the board. The box is marked EACH MODEL CAN BE TAKEN TO PIECES & REBUILT. RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS, LTD., LONDON. PARIS. NEW YORK. DESIGNED & PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN. PATENT NO. 4665-09. individual boards are marked the same plus PUBLISHERS TO THEIR MAJESTIES THE KING & QUEEN, & HER MAJESTY QUEEN ALEXANDRA. 1909
There are three different sets, two English (red trimmed cover, green trimmed cover) and one German set titled ONKEL TUCK'S PUZZLE BAUKASTEN FUR KNABEN

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THE EXPRESS TRAIN, locomotive, bronze colored engine
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bronze colored engine marked NO. 815, approx 25 pieces, cardboard, on the reverse THE EXPRESS TRAIN. IN 1829 GEORGE STEVENSON WON A PRIZE OF 500 FOR THE BEST LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE SUITABLE FOR PASSENGER TRAINS....

Size:10 1/2 x 8 1/2 in. board