blue, grey and white dress and hat

blue, grey and white dress and hat

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a French boxed set titled AU BON MARCHE, PARIS, 2 POUPEES A HABILLER AVEC 6 COSTUMES & 6 CHAPEAUX, COMPTOIR DE PAPETERIE containing the two doll sets MY LADY BETTY 102 and DOLLY DELIGHT 106 (small size).
The box has no Tuck markings but the dolls and hats do and they are in English.

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blue, grey and white dress and hat
Item Comment

in larger version this dress is pink,
blue and grey dress, white sash with white purse hanging, lace ribbon at chest, shoulders and sleeves, pansies at neckline, sleeves, and at waist sash.
dress has attached neck to fit under head.
hat has pansies and white lace ribbon.

3 1/4 x 1/2 in. dress, 2 1/2 x 2 in. hat