My Lady Betty

My Lady Betty

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a French boxed set titled AU BON MARCHE, PARIS, 2 POUPEES A HABILLER AVEC 6 COSTUMES & 6 CHAPEAUX, COMPTOIR DE PAPETERIE containing the two doll sets MY LADY BETTY 102 and DOLLY DELIGHT 106 (small size).
The box has no Tuck markings but the dolls and hats do and they are in English.

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Item Title:My Lady Betty
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doll, head separate but "attached at a proper angle, onto an elongated neck, space being left under the chin to slip on the separate costume which also came with a neck long enough to allow this manipulation" page 70 of PAPER DOLLS A GUIDE TO COSTUME BY CLARA HALLARD FAWCETT, 1951. ,
brown hair with curls, in grey/purple undercoat with a bow to collar and red colored accents, pearl necklace, rose in her hair, arms outstretched, blue shoes, and stockings on.
on reverse Tuck artistic series easel and palette trademark with BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT. PUBLISHERS TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. followed by the Tuck publishing info and attached stand, ARTISTIC SERIES 102, US. PATENT FEBRUARY 20TH 1894. COPYRIGHTED BY RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS, CO., LTD

Size:3 x 6 in. doll