FAIR FRANCES (title on box)

FAIR FRANCES (title on box)

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please refer to the book COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS BY BLAIR & MARGARET WHITTON for a very complete listing. They discuss this series on page 121. It consists of four sets-SUNNY SUSAN, NO 41, SERENE SYBIL, NO 42, PLAYFUL POLLY, NO. 43, and FAIR FRANCES, NO. 44. The dolls and the dresses are not marked on the backs with names, descriptions or numbers but do contain the Tuck trademark and patent and printing info. The boxes are cardboard. PATENTED FEB.20 1894, RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS CO. LTD. LONDON. PARIS. NEW YORK, PUBLISHERS BY APPOINTMENT TO THEIR MAJESTIES THE KING & QUEEN

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Item Title:FAIR FRANCES (title on box)
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doll, head separate but "attached at a proper angle, onto an elongated neck, space being left under the chin to slip on the separate costume which also came with a neck long enough to allow this manipulation" page 70 of PAPER DOLLS A GUIDE TO COSTUME BY CLARA HALLARD FAWCETT, 1951.
she has short curly brown hair with a yellow ribbon in the top, she looks straight, her left arm is bent at the elbow and across her chest, her right arm hangs at her side with her hand hidden behind her, she wears a white and pink undergarment slip with lace at the bodice and shoulders, gold buttons at her waist and pink ribbons and bows around the hemline, she has dark brown stockings, black shoes with gold buckles

Size:4 x 13 in. doll