green dress with straw hat

green dress with straw hat

Set Information

Set Title
DOLLS FOR ALL SEASONS SERIES, MERRY MARION, (smaller 9 in. version with slits, no number)
Set Comment

one envelope has No 33 on the bottom right corner,
please refer to the book COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS BY BLAIR & MARGARET WHITTON for a very complete listing. On page 74 they discuss these four sets-ROSEY RUTH, DEAR DOROTHY, MERRY MARION, and SWEET ALICE. Sets that comes in two different versions. One version has dolls 9 inches tall with a head continuous with the rest of the doll and two small slits at the shoulders to put the dress tabs through. There are no numbers or titles on the backs. They come in thin light brown envelopes and each contains a doll, four dresses, and four hats. They are a smaller version of the numbered ARTISTIC SERIES sets.

Item Information

Item Title:green dress with straw hat
Item Comment

green dress with small white dots, red and white lace at neck cuffs, and hemline,
red belt at waist and red ribbon at neck, she holds a red folded fan in her right hand, socks are red and shoes are brown,
hat is straw with flowers and greenery and red ribbon and bow

4 1/2 x 7 1/2 in. dress, 3 1/4 x 2 in. hat