gold and white dress and hat

gold and white dress and hat

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OUR PETS DRESSING SERIES. LADY BETTY NO 2 OF OUR PETS SERIES OF DRESSING DOLLS (labelled as Betty but the doll is identical to Winsome Winnie except this doll has slots and an attached head)
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please refer to the book COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS BY BLAIR & MARGARET WHITTON for a very complete listing. On page 41 they discuss this series. Three sets of dolls and each set was published during Queen Victoria's reign and at three different times and with three different sets of trademarks. Each set was packaged in a box with her name and an image of the doll in one of her costumes on the top cover. basic set is pictures on page 58. THERE SEEMS TO BE FOUR SETS but Whitton only identifies three.-much more info needed.
They were also produced in a smaller sized version with the dolls 5 1/2 in. tall and with envelopes instead of boxes. Each of these dolls have three dresses and three hats.

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Item Title:gold and white dress and hat
Item Comment

gold dress with darker gold colored sleeves, white collar, buttons and trim on sleeves.
no neck as the dress is designed to fit into the slots of the doll.
hat is gold with a large white bow.
same as Winsome Winnie II B but smaller size.

In Set:B
5 x 7 1/4 in. dress, 4 x 3 1/2 in. hat