no front title, cloth coveredl

no front title, cloth coveredl

Set Information

Set Title
Greeting, Q.V. period, 2 panels glued back to back of cloth covers & folded, remnants of tassel to open
Set Comment

RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS, COPYRIGHT in small print at base of panels

Item Information

Item Title:no front title, cloth coveredl
Item Comment

front & back cloth, rose bud on one outer panel yellow fringes & white tassel
first panel tulips & lilies round WISHING YOU A HAPPY CHRISTMAS
second lilies & snowdrops round THE BRIGHT YEAR PROMISES ALL THY HOPES FULFIL
third wild roses & snowdrops MY LOVES STAR SHINE...
fourth.....tulips & lilies MAY CHRISTMAS DAY ENCIRCLE YOU
fifth....lilies & forget-me-nots THE FAIREST FLOWERS OF CHRISTMAS JOYS BE THINE
sixth...lilies & daisies A GARLAND SWEET...ALL YOUR HAPPY HOURS

In Set:QV Fringed
Author:C K.C.
Size:6.5 X 8 CM.