Items in Category Art Deco

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment
BLOTTER SPRING HAS COME Yes 4622 blotter books blotter books with calendars are placed in the calendar set for the relevant year ALICE MARSHALL 1
art deco lady in yellow dress Yes CALENDAR FOR 1932 Jennie Harbour 4
A DREAM OF BEAUTY (title on reverse), art deco lady in large dress on heavy board Yes 2777 CALENDAR FOR 1935 MOLLY BENATAR 2
SWEET AND TWENTY glamorous lady with large yellow skirt Yes 6681 CALENDAR FOR 1939 3
THE ROBIN'S MESSAGE glamorous lady with large fabric skirt Yes 6715 CALENDAR FOR 1939 MOLLY BENATAR 3
BLOTTER lady in long red dress crosses stream on stepping stones Yes CALENDAR FOR 1942 2
THE BLUEBIRD'S MESSAGE glamorous lady with fabric skirt Yes 6718 CALENDAR FOR 1948 MOLLY BENATAR 3